Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins


Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins | Looking for the best image optimizer WordPress plugin for your WordPress image compression. With the help of an image optimizer WordPress plugin, you will easily give your visitors better speed and high performance in your WordPress site by using image compression on your website.

In today’s article, I will give you the some of the best image optimizer WordPress plugins that compress your images and give your visitors to better performance and better improvement in your WordPress site.

Why is Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins Important?

Getting top ranking in Google, the loading speed of your website is very important and we use lots of techniques for increase the loading speed of our website of which image compression is also very important.

When you upload an image on your website, then image optimizer WordPress plugins are reduced their size by compressing the images, and which reduce the size of your webpage of your website and your website will load faster than before.

Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

On the internet, you will find so many image compression tools, but for WordPress image optimization in which you have to choose the best image optimizer WordPress plugins.

In this, I have provided the best image optimizer WordPress plugins that automatically compress your images when you upload on your website. So let’s start with the best image optimizer WordPress plugins.

1.EWWW Image Optimizer

Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

Ewww is the best image optimizer plugin for compressing images on your website. It will automatically compress your images when you upload on your site.

And it will provide a Bulk option for compressing images it means it will compress images that you have uploaded previously.

This plugin is available on both free and premium versions. Using Ewww image optimizer you can convert your uploaded images into the best file format.

And it will optimize images uploaded by any other plugins.

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2.Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

This is the one of the most popular image optimizer WordPress plugin on  It will automatically compress images when you upload and it will also compress the older images on your website.

You can also set the maximum resolution of images, and it will scale down a better size while being compression process.

It is available on both free and premium versions. In this plugin, you do not need to create an account and API in the free version of this image optimizer WordPress plugin.

With the help of bulk image optimization, you can optimize 50 images at a time.

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Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins is the best WordPress image compression plugin that allows you to automatically image optimize when you upload an image and it will also offer bulk optimization for your older images.

This plugin uses API to optimize images and you can the best level of image optimization when you upload. 

This plugin also provides the feature to throughout individual image from the image compressing process. And You can compress images under 5 MB of sizes.

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I hopes this article will help you to find the best image optimizer WordPress plugins for your blog.

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